Tue, Feb 27, 2024


Anti-Israel Protests Surge: Russian Airport Swarmed by Rioters, Leaving Runway Flooded

In an unprecedented and unsettling turn of events, a group of protestors in southwestern Russia stormed an airport while chanting anti-Israeli slogans. The incident unfolded on Sunday night in the cit..

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Category 5 Hurricane Otis Approaches Mexican Coast, Forecasters Warn of Catastrophic Damage

Acapulco, Mexico, is bracing for a catastrophic encounter as Hurricane Otis rapidly intensified from..

Release of Two More Hostages in Israel-Hamas Conflict

Hamas made a surprising move, releasing two elderly hostages on Monday, bringing the total to four. ..

Two American hostages held since the Hamas attack on Israel have been released.

In an uplifting turn of events, two American hostages, 17-year-old Natalie Ranan and her 59-year-old..

Gaza Humanitarian Crisis Escalates | Israel-Palestine Conflict Unveiled | Day 14

In recent weeks, the Israel-Palestine conflict has been raging on, and the consequences for the resi..

President Biden to Visit Israel Amid Ongoing Regional Tensions

In a significant development, President Joe Biden is set to visit Israel this week to offer his supp..

Australia: The Land of Luck, Challenges, and Lessons for the World

Exploring the Successes, Struggles, and Insights from Down Under Australia, often referred to as t..

Israel Accused of Using White Phosphorus in Recent Military Operations

Human Rights Watch Alleges Use Over Gaza Strip and Israel-Lebanon Border Human Rights Watch (HRW) h..

UN Expresses Grave Concern as Israeli Military Urges Evacuation of 1 Million Palestinians in Northern Gaza

In a tense escalation of the Israel-Hamas conflict, the Israeli Ministry of Defense and the Israel D..

Israel withholds vital supplies (water, fuel, and electricity) from Gaza until hostages are freed.

As the conflict escalates, Israel shows no signs of easing its siege on Gaza until all hostages are ..

Netanyahu and Gantz Unite for Emergency Government Amid Unprecedented Conflict with Hamas

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and centrist opposition leader Benny Gantz have agreed to..

Israel-Hamas Bloodshed: Death Toll Climbs Over 2,200, Including American Hostages

International Community Watches as Conflict Takes Unpredictable Turn More than 2,200 lives have b..

Afghanistan's Resilient Afghani: How a Troubled Nation's Currency Defies the Odds

" The Afghan economy's hidden strengths and the Taliban's complex financial operations "  ..