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Is It Safe to Use Your Smartphone Camera During a Solar Eclipse?

Experts emphasize the importance of protecting your eyes during a solar eclipse, warning against the dangers of staring directly at the sun, even during the upcoming total solar eclipse on Monday, Apr..

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The Blueprint for a Long and Healthy Life: Lessons from the Blue Zones

In the small town of Arles, France, in the year 1875, a girl named Jeanne Louise Calment was born. L..

A Comprehensive Guide to Healthy Weight Loss: Science & Myths

Breaking Down Calorie Balance, Diet, Exercise, and More...   Losing wei..

Teaching the Truth: Why Sex Education is Essential in India

In a conservative society like India, the mere mention of the word 'sex' often evokes discomfort and..

Sex Education for All: A Global Imperative

In societies worldwide, discussions surrounding the topic of sex often carry a veil of discomfort, l..

CKM Syndrome: New Heart Disease Threat - Are You at Risk?

" New Cardiovascular Syndrome Identified: 1 in 3 Adults at Risk " Health experts are revolutionizin..

The Sweet Trap: How Sugar's Sneaky Addiction Is Changing Our Lives

Invisible but Potent: How Sugar's Grip is Tightening In a world where we often talk about addiction..

Tragedy Strikes Amazon: More than 100 Dolphins Found Dead Amid Soaring Temperatures and Drought

In a devastating environmental crisis, the Amazon rainforest, known as the lungs of our planet, is f..

People who travel report better health, study finds experiencing better health.

According to a new survey-based study on a population from the United Kingdom, constraints on tr..

Microbial polyphenols in Mediterranean diet improve cardiovascular health

(TWN)- In Europe, cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are one of the leading causes of premature deaths. ..

Orange benefits and its nutrition

What is Orange? Orange is a fruit that is a member of the citrus family. It is typically round in s..