Tue, Feb 27, 2024

Apple iPhone 15 Users have reported overheating concerns, and Apple claims that these issues are due to bugs in the iOS and apps.

"Some users of Apple's newest smartphone have reported issues with the gadget overheating, which has prompted the company to prepare an update to address the problem.All iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max models should soon receive an upgrade from Apple, according to the company, which will stop them from exceeding 100 degrees Fahrenheit. "

Apple now says the 100+ degree iPhone 15s is caused by a wave of bugs in iOS 17 and in a few particular apps, following several weeks of user complaints. The manufacturer continues to emphasize that it is not a hardware issue brought on by the Pro and Pro Max models' new titanium frames or 3nm processors.

Users of the new iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max have complained that they have observed their devices running a little warmer than earlier iPhone models. While conducting our inquiry, we discovered that the phones sometimes get hot, "sometimes to the point that they were uncomfortable to hold without a case," and other reviewers and users have also noted the same.

According to Apple, "increased background activity" that happens while people set up their new phones for the first time is the primary offender at initially.However, Apple also claims that it has found "a bug in iOS 17 that is impacting some users" and that a number of particular apps, including Uber, Instagram, and expensive games, are "overloading the system" and generating excessive heat. The business is collaborating with the creators of those apps to create fixes that will be made available through the App Store.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is now stating that the problem is unrelated to the iPhone's new technology and even asserting that the gadget has better heat dissipation than earlier models that used stainless steel. The manufacturer of iPhones has said that any future updates to address overheating shouldn't come at the expense of the A17 Pro chip's performance. The iPhone 15 Pro's new USB-C connector limits maximum charging to 27W, while users of stronger charging adapters may experience warmer-than-normal device temperatures.

The A17 Pro CPU itself and the titanium frame of the phone are two specific factors that Apple claims are not at fault. Some have suggested that either of these brand-new components—as well as the A17's novel 3 nm manufacturing process—were to blame for the heat issues. However, Apple appears to believe that software upgrades can address the most serious problems, and the company claims that the A17 Pro's performance won't be impacted by the fixes.Regardless of the heat difficulties, Apple's supply of the new phones is still falling short of the demand. You won't receive an iPhone 15 Pro you order today until the end of October. It depends on the color and storage capacity you select for the iPhone 15 Pro Max, but the majority of models won't be delivered until mid-November.

Stay relaxed to get updates, and things will return to normal eventually.


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