Thu, Dec 07, 2023

Scientists says \"Plant can talk especially when they are stressed which is unheard by humans\"

(TWN) The season of spring are here and we all are joyed to enjoy the seasons of flower either by farming beautiful flowers in garden, balcony or by buying from the market and keeping it into the office, home, or by enjoying the view of different flower garden in holidays . But this all scenario is going to change as, Scientists made a breakthrough that plant can feel and talk in response of stress.

How Scientists knew plants can talk ?


About a decade ago, Lilach Hadany was sitting around and listening to animal chriping, buzzing when she hit with a thought: Why only animals make noise why not plant make noise, too?

Lilach who is  a biology professor at Tel Aviv University, then conducted some research but they didn't get a perfect answer of it . Similarly after a few years later,  Handany launched another study to determine that palnt make noise or not .

After six years of research, Lilach and her colleagues discovered that plants when distressed make ultrasonic noises, which are not audible to humans.  Plants emit popping sounds when they’re cut or when they become dehydrated or infected noises that researchers say might be their language of a call for help.

Although as we know that plant don't have lungs or vocal cords to produce sounds. But  Lilach says According to his theory they produce these sounds in their xylem , it's the same part of the plants which is responsibe for transportation of water and nutrition from roots to it's stem & leaves. when plants gets stressed or gets in a condition like drought it either creats or breaks the air bubbles that travels with water.

For monitoring the sounds of plants Lilach and his crew made a machine-learning model to deduce whether a plant had been cut or was water stressed from the sounds it made, which have an accuracy of 70% which in future may beacome a helpful things in farming and horticulture.


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