Tue, May 30, 2023

What kind of jobs AI may impact or replace ?

(TWN)- Our long most debated fictional fight is now becoming reality. The interference of AI with Human has started and the real example of this is "CHAP GPT-4" the most sucessfull AI that had been created till now. After the introduction of chat gpt many people are proud and surprised of technology to be developing in such a sky rocketing manner but above all of these it also comes with a fear of replacing or impacting the jobs of many people and industries. As such an powerful AI can easily impact many jobs such as Accounting, Book-keeping, content writting etc. In this types of feild these AI can single handed perform way better than humans in fastest and efficent manner.

Some examples of jobs that may be at risk of being automated by GPT-4 or similar AI systems include:

  1. Customer service representatives: GPT-4 could potentially be used to generate responses to customer inquiries and complaints, reducing the need for human customer service representatives.

  2. Content creators: GPT-4 could be used to generate articles, news reports, and other forms of content, reducing the need for human writers.

  3. Translators: GPT-4 may be able to provide accurate translations of text and speech in real-time, reducing the need for human translators.

  4. Data entry: GPT-4 could potentially be used to extract and process data from various sources, reducing the need for human data entry clerks.

  5. Retail salespeople: AI-powered chatbots can be used to handle customer inquiries and provide product recommendations, replacing human retail salespeople.

  6. Bank tellers: AI-powered machines can be used to perform tasks such as depositing, withdrawing, or transferring funds, reducing the need for human bank tellers.

  7. Telemarketers: AI-powered chatbots and voice assistants can be used to handle customer inquiries, support, and even sales, replacing human telemarketers.

Since AI has a potential power to replace jobs that needs routtine repetative tasks that can be easily automated.. These jobs may involve a high degree of data processing or simple decision-making, and may not require much creativity, empathy, or other forms of human intuition.As companies are always concerned with expenses and profit apparently AI is the best candidate to prefer as it can complete the tasks more accaurately and efficently than human workers in minium time and money.

Although there are many works that AI can't repalce .AI systems like GPT-4 may be able to perform certain tasks more efficiently than humans, there are many jobs that require human skills such as creativity, critical thinking, empathy, and interpersonal communication, which are unlikely to be replaced by AI in the near future. As the creators of such AI also tells that they had designed there AI not to produce unemployment but to assist and increase the productivity of there works.



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